Pizzoc Trail - Up-Climbing

Pizzoc Trail

10th July . The Cinderella of the Fregona Trail Fest, Pizzoc Trail, is a jewel of a race in nature, short but very … intense. Passing the fascinating caves of Caglieron, it develops on mountain Pizzoc, bordering the magic Cansiglio forest with its Cimbri villages: a candy trail thought also for those who are just starting out with this wonderful sport. Path completely to rediscover thanks to the inversion of the direction of travel and to the first kilometers of completely new track. Almost entirely on single track, half uphill to Mount Pizzoc and half downhill, in a constantly changing environment and with beautiful landscapes ranging from the Dolomites to the Venice plain. A maximum time deliberately generous to allow all athletes to end their race, fall in love with trail, and perhaps running one of the two major competitions next year: Troi dei Cimbri and Antico Troi degli Sciamani.