First 8c boulder for Taylor McNeill - Up-Climbing

First 8c boulder for Taylor McNeill

The 26 years old Taylor McNeill enters the circle of 8c boulder by climbing The Big Island in Fontainebleau. McNeill already climbed three 8b+ and fourteen 8b in his career and in the three weeks he spent in Bleau he found the right conditions only the last days and he required five sessions to join this new level.

This is his comment about this significant ascent:

“Dream bloc off the lifetime list. No amount of words could describe my experience with this boulder. Literal last day effort, climbed the island, then added the two moves for the real start. I have no idea what 8C feels like…I have such a specific style that I’ve done 8Bs that felt harder. Perfect boulder. I am notoriously bad at crimps, but am really good at wide compression on big holds. I honestly don’t think I could find a rock climb more my style. I am pretty tall, yes. I’m about 6ft 3in (~190cm) and have a span of about 6ft 6in (~198)”

His style or not, in any case this is a great result. Congratulations!