First 8C+ for Giuliano Cameroni! - Up-Climbing

First 8C+ for Giuliano Cameroni!

The hardest boulder in his career and the second swiss 8C+ after the recent Off The Wagon Low Start.


Giuliano Cameroni arrives at the 8C +, sending a project that had been resisting for years in Brione!

Poison the Well, this is the name that Giuliano has given it, is a line that runs on the boulder of the popular 8A of Pamplemousse and that attracted the attention of the top climbers since the birth of bouldering in Val Verzasca.

Eight days of work to connect four movements of 7C with two movements that Cameroni judges of 8C and finally an easier top out.


After seven 8C and many 8B +, including many first ascents, here is the next step for this very strong 21years old climber, who thus creates also the second 8C+ of Switzerland after the ascent of Off the Wagon Low Start in Val Bavona by his friend Shawn Raboutou.

Here are the comments by Giuliano about Poison the Well, reported on

“It’s been a know project for more than ten years now, it’s the logical direct version to the classic Pamplemousse (8A). It took me 8 days during a month and a half. The key was resting the specific muscles and waiting for the good conditions. Since you have to be super accurate, you also need a bit of luck to stick the crux hold perfectly. But the stronger you are and the easier it is to be precise, so after 8 days everything felt a little better.”