First 9a for Marchaland - Up-Climbing

First 9a for Marchaland

Jules Marchaland climbs Trip Tik Tonik, 9a.

Great satisfaction for the young Frenchman Jules Marchaland, who climbs his first 9a in Gorges du Loup crag. This exploit is just an icing on the cake for the guy from Nice, who has climbed three 8c + in the last few weeks.

After climbing the first 8c + in 2017 at the age of sixteen, Jules ran out of hard pitches within his reach in the home zone, but he trained hard and reached the level to be able to try them. In short, this is the story behind the ascent of Trip Tik Tonik, a route that opens the doors of the 9th club to him.

The pitch consists of a first resistance part, roughly 8b, a hard boulder problem and finally another resistance part. Jules says that the singles are not extreme, not even those of the boulder area, but it is really difficult to connect all the movements. At the moment Jules is already working on other hard pitches, always grade 9, in his area.

From Jules Marchaland

Alessandro Palma