Ramonet: 2nd repeat of Demencia Senil 9a+ - Up-Climbing

Ramonet: 2nd repeat of Demencia Senil 9a+

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Waiting for the next stage of WC lead Oct. 29 – 30th in Huaiji China, Spanish climber Ramon Julian Puigblanque (Ramonet), now leading the provisional rank and recent winner of European Championship, has done the 2nd repeat of Demencia Senil, at Laboratoire in Margalef.
The route is graded 9a+ and was free climbed by Chris Sharma on 2009 then repeated by Iker Pou.
Video: Chris Sharma and Iker Pou on Demencia Senil
Source: Kairn  blog  Ramon Julian Puigblanque