SALEWA: Agner Durastretch Dry Convertible Jacket - Up-Climbing

SALEWA: Agner Durastretch Dry Convertible Jacket

Is dressing in layers still the best solution for alpine climbing? Salewa does not take anything for granted, not even the canonical layered dressing, considered a standard for mountaineers and mountain lovers all over the world.

I always dress in layers, even climbing on the large Dolomite walls like the north of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo – explains Simon Gietl, South Tyrol climber of world class – In fact, it always ends up that I have to stop to remove or add some layers , because the weather and the temperature vary a lot during a day on the wall. This operation is neither comfortable nor easy when you are tied and wearing a harness. But it’s even worse when you climb in free solo. In addition to this, each extra layer is all weight and volume that I have to carry in my backpack. But I’ve never had alternatives. I’ve never had a single jacket that replaced or combined the functions of all three layers“.

For the 2019 Spring / Summer season, Salewa presents the new Agner Durastretch Dry Convertible Alpine climbing jacket, a versatile jacket that performs and replaces the functions of more than two layers: technical underwear, insulating layer and water-resistant windproof shell.

From the base of the wall to the summit, climbers will not have to wear anything but this light and durable jacket to protect themselves from the wind, cooler temperatures and even in the event that a few drops of rain should arrive.

To achieve this, Salewa engineered Durastretch Dry, a new generation of Durastretch, its own rock-resistant softshell fabric. This new fabric is breathable and can be worn directly on the skin, like a technical underwear. The inner surface is slightly brushed, to offer protection from the cold when the temperatures drop or during stops to make safety. The high density woven weave creates a barrier that protects from the wind and also resists light rain, making the use of a windproof shell superfluous. At the same time, this fabric allows excess hot and humid air to pass through, avoiding to get too hot during the most challenging shots.

The Agner Jacket also incorporates some clever functional details suggested by Simon and the other Salewa climbers to easily adapt to changes in weather conditions, such as removable arm warmers, a high protective collar, and a deep frontal half-zip. This jacket has been designed to be worn as a second skin: the athletic design, the 4-way-stretch fabric and the flat seams support the climber’s movements even in the most complicated outlets.

Technical features:

• Fabric: Durastretch Dry
• Ergonomic fit with high reach construction
• Body mapping
• Removable arm warmers
• Front zip
• Front pocket with zip
• Flat seams
• Reflective prints
• Fit: Athletic
• Men’s sizes: 46 / S – 54 / XXL
• Man weight (50 / L): 266g
• Man colors: fluo green, grisaille
• Women’s sizes: 38/32 – 48/42
• Woman weight (44/38): 250g
• Woman colors: fluo coral, ocean, grisaille