Shawn Raboutou tames the Creature! - Up-Climbing

Shawn Raboutou tames the Creature!

Two other ascents of considerable value between the RMNP and Magic Wood


Shawn Raboutou is again great this year, this time not in Rocklands but in the RMNP.

Here he sent the famous Creature from the Black Lagoon, the 8C + by Daniel Woods that in 2016 was the hardest problem in the world … before Hukkataival climbed not long after Burden of Dreams.

After the repetitions of Graham, Webb and Ichimiya, that of Raboutou should therefore be the fifth ascent of this very extreme boulder, even if Shawn seems to suggest that it can be “only” 8C:

“Well the process was pretty fun and what made the difference in the end was the conditions. It was my 4th day on it this year and I had tried it twice 2 years ago. Also I want to mention that I’m not sure about the 8C+ grade and think it could be 8C. I don’t feel that I have enough experience though to make better judgement then the people who have done it before me.”


On the other side of the world, in Magic Wood, Vadim Timonov takes advantage of the arrival of the cool autumn to add another repetition to Practice of the Wild, in his opinion 8B +:

“At the first day I thought that I can send it pretty fast. But I injured my knee and tried to find a new sequence. I think for me it is the easiest 8C in Magic wood and it’s more 8B+ than 8C”