Stefano Carnati fires Fire Blaster - Up-Climbing

Stefano Carnati fires Fire Blaster

 We are experiencing major changes in climbing: while there are climbers that have shaped the history of this discipline, such as Manolo Zanolla or Stevie Haston, who at the age of over fifty, yet open and repeat pitches up to 9 degree, on the other faces  a new generation of children sometimes overcome the barrier of 8 degree before the age of 10.  
The most famous of these is certainly the prodigy Adam Ondra: today – 16 years – is probably the No.1 in the world but  at the age of 10 yet climbed 8a on sight.
But in addition to Czech,  great results such as the French Enzo Oddo, 8a at 10 years,  9a at 14 and the Italian Tito Claudio Traversa that at eight years sent two 8a’s. Now the recent new is  that Stefano Carnati (11) managed to climb redpoint Fire Blaster, 8a + at the cliff of Scarenna (Lombardy Italy). 
Stefano Carnati is based in  Erba (Como) and marked improvement in its performance since last year his level being up to 6c.
He spent the winter by training a lot and now we see the effects. His father Adrian is a strong climber and mountaineer with a resume of great importance, having carried out the FA of new routes (including Patagonia) and great repeats. 
 Indeed the common thread that binds these teens is that they have a parent, or both as in the case of Ondra, who climbed at good level.
Ph.Adriano Carnati