Steph Davis - Up-Climbing

Steph Davis

Sunday, 10th October 2010
Steph Davis visits Italy to tell us, with stunning and breathtaking clips and slideshows, her adventures on the big walls of Yosemite, Pakistan, Patagonia, her free solo climbs and her BASE Jump deeds.
Steph Davis has written
TRA VENTO E VERTIGINE, featuring many autobiographic traits, a portray of a relentless passion for climbing, outdoor, adventure.
Steph Davis loves to face risk: she follows her instinct, takes impromptu decision, never turning back. Shortly after having worn a harness for the first time, in spite of a promising academic career or a future as piano concert performer, she fully devoted herself to free climbing, living in her old, rusty van lended from her grandma with her inseparable pet Fletcher. Nowadays Steph is considered one of the most eclectic climber worldwide, having performed exceptional first ascents in Pakistan, Patagonia, Baffin Island, Kirghizistan. She has been the first woman ever succeeding in the free ascent of Salathe Wall, on El Capitan granite in Yosemite Vallet, and the first woman to summit Torre Egger in Patagonia.
Steph tell us about universal themes such as love, friendship, personal improvement through her original perspective; she brings us to Patagonia, where we will endure endless weeks of rain, gusts, snow and hail hoping for the weather to calm, or in her house in Moab, while her relationship with her partner will be tottering, exhausted by the weariness and the centrifugal drive of a full-throttle lifestyle. Steph involve and charm us in an intimate research of a precarious equilibrium between the quest for independence, the need for steadyness, a burning ambition and the brittleness and subtleness of feelings. During the journey with this climber, we will learn the true meaning of a life devoted to adventure.