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The hanging project by Michele Caminati

Michele Caminati has carried out the first ascent of the first 8B boulder of Lagoni at Sasso Incastrato sector.
"After five days of battle I’ve managed to match on the good sloper at the end of this strange overhanging cube at Lagoni" – reports Michele Caminati in his blog – " It has been a race against upcoming summer, not many days were left before the arrival of heat and an army of mosquitoes… Now, as you can see, the line is amazing, but matching there is just it. At the moment it’s the first 8B bloc of Lagoni, but it will remain THE HANGING PROJECT, till someone doesn’t stand triumphant on its top. We will see next autumn !" 
Source: Michele Caminati
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Credit of Lagoni Topo: Michele Caminati