Tito Traversa 8 years old 7c - Up-Climbing

Tito Traversa 8 years old 7c

Tito Claudio Traversa was born on 2001 april 22  and this year achieved extraordinary goals compared to his age, redpointing Le portatrici di sale 7c and Bricolage 7b at Champorcher, Spettri nelle tenebre 7b+ and La formula magica 7b at  Tschachtelaz in Gressoney, Mexico beach 6c in Varazze, Vietato Banfare 7b+ and Trip 7a + at  Frachiano.
Tito climbs since 2007, and very quickly progressed from top rope forth degree  to 7c.
He is 1,30m tall, so at the present time he cannot climb every route!
On 2008, he won his first competition at  Promorock in Lecco,  reached the fifth place on boulder at the final of  Coppa Italia and third place lead at Rock Junior.
To compare performances, at 8 years Adam Ondra onsighted 4  7b + and 3  7b, so the young Traversa is almost at his level. This year they met and went climb together!