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Dawn Wall…completed!

At 3.30pm, 2015 January 15th, in Yosemite, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson walk on the top of El Capitan. Behind, the Dawn Wall is climbed. All free.
After 19 days spent on the wall and a dream seven years long, Tommy and Kevin can hug kin and friends and to externalize all their happiness. They completed to most difficult route of the world; a project started eight years ago for Tommy, that did the first attempts and a short video. In 2009, Kevin saw these videos and called Tommy to propose a partner for the ascent. In 2011 and 2013, two injuries hit first Kevin and after Tommy, so the attempts are interrupted. The strategy change: winter becomes the best season to try; too hot in the other period of the year.

Another piece of history has been written, an important piece: the route of Caldwell and Jorgeson is the most difficult in the world.
source climbing.com