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Another extreme gem from Japan!

The Japanese climber sends one of the hardest projects in the country


Just four days ago, Shinichiro Nomura published a post and a video on his Instagram profile in which he enthusiastically showed that he could solve the crux of a line still awaiting an ascent at Chigobutai. A project attempted by several top climbers of the country and considered almost impossible.

Shinichiro, who is one of the Japanese stars we have often talked about on our pages, nevertheless believed in the possibility to climb this boulder and after having found the solution he had to return to put an end. Two days ago the epilogue: Nomura managed to arrive on the top of this high boulder after having climbes this line, giving it the name Gakidō for a difficulty of 8C+.

Byaku-Dou, Rokudo, Hydrangea, Babel, Orochi, Vanitas, the FA of Loca are the hardest lines that this exceptional boulderer could climb so far, all milestones of Japanese bouldering. With Gakido, Shinichiro then takes a step further, freeing one of the hardest ascents in Japan, comparable to masterpieces such as United and Floatin ‘.


Source: Instagram