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Another great 8B+ flash for Jakob Schubert !!!

Exceptional sequence of ascents for the Austrian climber!


Jakob Schubert leaves another great mark in bouldering …

Two years ago, in January 2018, the Austrian climber surprised the world with the hardest flash ascent ever, sending Catalan Witness the Fitness on the first try in the Cova de L’Ocell. At the time this roof line by Sharma was still rated 8C, downgraded at 8B+ by Schubert and subsequent repeaters.

Now, however, Jakob repeated the exploit in Magic Wood and sent flash another line first climbed by Chris Sharma, which is also a symbol of this famous Swiss area: the 8B+ of The Never Ending Story!

The Never Ending Story, often known in the original name of Unendliche Geschichte, is a boulder consisting of two parts: the first of 8A/B that stops at a large jug at the end of a low-level roof and the second of 8A that starts from here to arrive to other big holds in the middle of the boulder. There is also a third part that comes out at the top with four bolts, transforming the 1 + 2 + 3 connection into a 9a route sent by Peter Würth and then repeated only by Christof Rauch and Matt Fultz.

The boulder flashed by Schubert is the classic 1+2 version, a must for top climbers visiting Magic!

Clearly it is the first time that this line is climbed on the first attempt while before the Austrian only Daniel Woods, Adam Ondra, Jimmy Webb and Ned Feehally and then Tomoa Narasaki climbed one 8B+ flash, but none of them has climbed two (considering lines keeping the grade in next years).


Jakob only stayed a couple of days in the magic forest and in addition to this climb, he also sent the historic New Base Line (8B +), Practice of the Wild (8B +, video above) and a handful of 8A and 8A+ flash …

Considering his career, which sees him as one of the very few to have climbed a 9b+ route and several 8C boulders, Schubert is therefore the strongest and most complete climber in the world after Adam Ondra!


The video and image above refer to the Practice of the Wild climb.


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