UPDATE - Latok ‘s rescue - Up-Climbing

UPDATE – Latok ‘s rescue

Hour by hour is becoming clearer what happened to Álvaro Novellón and Óscar Pérez : we gave yesterday the new that Oscar was stucked at 6500 meters on Latok 1, but today  direct sources talk about an accident on north west ridge of Latok 2 (7108 m).
In fact, as reported on August 3 by Desnivel, the duo was forced to change destination due to the very bad conditions of Latok 1
Oscar Perez is stucked on a bivi on the ridge at 6300 meters, with  broken leg and arm; his mate Alvaro descented to the BC and called for rescue . Mountain club of Peña Guara started the difficult rescue operations, taking contacts with other expeditions of the area.
The Spaniard team climbed in alpine light style, so there are not fixed ropes on the mountain.