Central Alps Val Codera: Monster tamed - Up-Climbing

Central Alps Val Codera: Monster tamed

Val Codera’s icefalls have been explored during 1996\98 winter by the Alpine Guides Gualtiero Colzada and Mario Sertori, that climbed in that area a lots of beautiful icycles.
In March 2009 Gualtiero Colzada and Rossano Libéra succeeded in the ascent of the huge and very difficult “Mostro” (Monster), an icefall of 180 meters, most of them vertical. According to Libéra, it could be evaluated as a solide grade 6.
The icefall is located at the bottom of the valley, near Supersivigia WI5+ and requires 5\7 hours approach from the parking. Val Codera is one of the fews alpine valleys not crossed by a road. To check the possibilities of the area: "Cascate Lombardia e Svizzera meridionale" by Mario Sertori Blu edizioni 2004.