Viking: Invertex Cross and Anaconda Light GTX - Up-Climbing

Viking: Invertex Cross and Anaconda Light GTX

VIKING Footwear has joined forces and knowledge with MICHELIN to create two new models

The French company has provided its partners with the knowledge and technique of MICHELIN designers, adapting their latest generation technologies to obtain soles that can best respond in more serious situations.

On the occasion of the OUT DOOR Show Friedrichshafen, which took place from 18 to 21 June, MICHELIN presented three new partners: BOREAL, VIKING and WILD COUNTRY. By extending the circle of collaborators together with GARMOUNT, MAMMUT and MILLET, Michelin adds the segments of the approach and the climbing to its own field of action.

Whether it is running or fast-paced, the challenging Scandinavian trails, made even harder by changing weather and terrain, require a shoe that ensures consistent performance and stability.
The two models exclusively feature the new MICHELIN Woodland sole, inspired by the MICHELIN Wild Race’r mountain bike pneumatico, designed to handle the most challenging races on difficult terrain. The sole is destined for disadvantaged ground and working in synergy with the upper. The special tread design provides the same multidirectional grip on both dry and wet ground and allows quick self-cleaning. The Outdoor Compound (OC) , used in the sole, is specially made for rough terrain, offering high resistance to abrasion and wear.

Viking thus presents the two models:

Invertex Cross is a shoe that offers exceptional support. A sporting partner that guarantees excellent traction when it comes to running fast along the trails. The extension of the ghetto to the ankle prevents stones, soil or moisture from penetrating the shoe.

Anaconda Light GTX is designed, designed and developed for fast hiking, ensuring a safe walk with excellent traction on all trails. With GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear technology, bad weather is more of an issue. In addition, MICHELIN and VIKING’s team of experts have made it possible to integrate into VIKING’s Ultimate Grip Concept (UGC) technology alone, to ensure better ground control.

Rebekka Sørli Communication Manager VIKING Outdoor footwear:
We are thrilled with the collaboration with MICHELIN VIKING Footwear produces shoes for conditions, atmospheric and terrain, typically Nordic. With the MICHELIN sole, combined with VIKING’s UGC technology, we are sure to offer a shoe with excellent traction and grip on trails Slippery. The two styles fit perfectly for optimal performance with typical weather conditions in North Europe“.