Welt: first 8c flash! - Up-Climbing

Welt: first 8c flash!

Moritz Welt flashes Nordic Flower, 8c.

The famous German climber has added another important brick in his wall, climbing his first 8c flash. He has chosen a real temple of the high grades: Flatager, the cave where the routes are up to 9c!

In an attempt long half an hour, Moritz Welt has climbed Nordic Flower, the famous 8c, flash. For this brilliant climb the preparation has been long and accurate. At home, he has seen a lot of videos, studying all the possible betas. In the gym, he has built a lot of endurance that, mixed with his skills, have been the key to success. The route is over 60 meters and Moritz has found more than 10 kneebars.

From Moritz Welt’s IG page