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The Story of 3 Worlds by Shawn Raboutou!

The American sends a further extension to one of the lines that have made bouldering history

In the beginning Toni Lamprecht climbed The Dagger, 8B/+. Then Dave Graham started low in the cave and, reconnecting to the German’s line, proposed one of the world references of 8C: The Story of Two Worlds. Dai Koyamada, after some controversy on his repetition, opened a lower version, The Story of Two Worlds Low, 8C +. Over the years, the introduction of knee pads and the discovery of new betas have then led to an evaluation of 8B+ for both versions.

Now, or rather on an unspecified date in the last few months (?), Shawn Raboutou wrote in every sense another piece of history on this boulder, which also hosts the legendary Dreamtime on the other side.

Starting at the bottom left end of the cave and then reconnecting to the original version, including kneebar, extreme body tension and a spectacular dyno to an undercling, the American climbed this project on which other top climbers had already tried in the past. An inevitable name: The Story of 3 Worlds, for another line between present and future that is worth a difficulty of 8C+.

The revelation of this ascent came through the above video by Giuliano Cameroni, published yesterday on the Mellow channel and in which we can see Shawn’s exceptional send. For now, no other details are available, neither on the precise date of the ascent, nor on the process that he had to face. There are also rumors of his other exploits that could even be worth of 9a, but for now Raboutou has kept silent.

In a world where it seems that news must run instantly for the immediate use and consumption of all, his reserved and “social-detached” attitude has that bit of healthy nonconformism that brings communication itself back to a more human and relaxed dimension…


Source: Youtube