C.A.M.P. and I Ragni di Lecco are pleased to announce their new partnership: a collaboration between two historical realities that look to the future, united by the same passion and the desire to go further, innovating the equipment and drawing paths on the walls of the world.

These goals today meet, red sweaters can reach their new goals thanks to C.A.M.P., and the company from Premana will have in I Ragni a team of excellence ambassadors, from the Alps to the extra-European mountains.

Here is the sense of the rope, of being together in the wall. I Ragni, a 71 year old mountain climbing history of excellence with leading companies, believe us by their very nature as a group; C.A.M.P., founded in 1889 and international leader in the design and distribution of the most innovative outdoor equipment, believes that it is a company in which everyone works in synergy to achieve something special.

Team spirit, passion, desire to improve and of course Riccado Cassin. It is on these pillars that C.A.M.P. And the Rags have built their partnership, made more significant by being born in the presence of the same mountains and then moving further and further away

Spiders represent a natural partner for us, driven by our own passion – says Eddy Codega, president of C.A.M.P. – In recent years, involving many young people who are already talking about themselves, the group has been able to collect the legacy of characters like Riccardo Cassin, Carlo Mauri and Casimiro Ferrari, and also succeed in widening its activity from mountaineering tout court to ‘ Sport climbing at the highest levels. We are therefore extremely pleased with this important partnership, which will give both great satisfaction“.

Fabio Palma, president of the red sweaters, responds to Codega’s words as follows: “C.A.M.P. Is a real talent expression because it takes uncommon qualities to become a world reference starting from a small mountain village like Premana. This is a first common feature with the Spiders, born at the foot of Grignetta, who have established themselves in all continents. On both sides there is then an exasperated attention to the quality of the goals, not content with repeating the already done. So we can only keep looking up, proud to collaborate with C.A.M.P. In this great new rope“.