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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic Mythos climbing shoe, La Sportiva is launching a photo contest with a nostalgic flavor which, starting with its ambassadors, collects, tells and rewards the stories of our vertical myths.


Never could a name have been more appropriate than the one that, in 1991, Giuliano Jellici (R&D Manager) and Lorenzo Delladio (CEO) decided on this lilac shoe, unaware of the success story they were writing. An innovative but non-binding product in its technicality, capable of leading a climber to overcome their limits regardless of grade. A product that has been able to conquer entire generations of climbers, who even today, after thirty years, would never give up the safety and comfort of a fit that made history.

But you know, beautiful and functional things never go out of fashion, and the insights that come at the right time end up becoming icons. Here in its ingenious essentiality, Mythos represents exactly this: a constant, a product that has survived the passage of time and innovations, which has become a legend, a “myth”.

And it is to celebrate this important anniversary that La Sportiva opens the album of memories and asks its community to do the same, through a photo competition that from 5 to 29 April aims to collect, tell and reward the stories of our vertical myths: people who came into our lives not only influenced the way we saw this sport, but they also changed a part of us. They too regardless of the degree beyond which they pushed us, also unaware of the success story they were writing.

To do this, we started with them, with what many of us consider legends of the vertical world: from Alex Huber to Jakob Schubert, from Heinz Zak to Babsi Zangerl, we asked who managed to give him that spark, that magic that no trip, victory or summit could never have offered, discovering that even the myths have myths. But they are not always what we imagine. Your dad, a friend. The refugee, an instructor. A climbing partner, the first coach. Because if it is true that not all super heroes wear a cloak, it is also true that not all vertical myths are champions.

Who is your myth?

Tell it with a short anecdote, get your friends to vote and try to win the My Climbing Myth contest.