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Matteo Soule: 9a FA at 15!

Matteo Soule frees Sunawolf, 9a, at just 15 years old.

Between top-level climbers and true legends, the difference is simple: the impact they have on the world of climbing. There are those who will repeat many extreme pitches and those who will contribute to extending the limits, opening new routes and raising the bar, just like Adam Ondra did and is doing.

Matteo Soule seems destined to be one of these, with already several first ascents of absolute level. The latest comes from the La Verrière crag and it is called Senawolf. What’s special about it? The grade-age combination. Matteo is 15 years old and the route has been graded 9a. For those who have doubts, Matteo has already climbed a 9a in the past and one of his creatures, Dieu Merci at Gorges du Tarn, is still unrepeated and graded 8c+/9a.

It seems that the boy is fully aware of the grade, just like many other prodigies that have been populating the cliffs in recent years. From Adam Ondra, to the very Italian Vighetti and Chelleris, to Bakhmet-Smolensky… The protagonists are many and even Matteo Soule wants his piece of cake!

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Alessandro Palma