Seb Bouin and the first of Thor's hammer 2 - Up-Climbing

Seb Bouin and the first of Thor’s hammer 2

Seb Bouin repeats Thor’s hammer 2, 9a +.

Take a hard pitch, in the hardest crag in the world, where practically only the most daring climb. Climb up to the anchor with a jumar, rest and then start climbing a second route in redpoint that starts right from that chain. And, in order not to miss anything, this second pitch is 9a +. Crazy stuff? You haven’t heard anything yet…

On his Norwegian holiday, Seb Bouin is resting after having climbed DNA, the pitch which rated 9c. At the Flatanger crag, where a few days ago he had climbed another extreme pitch, the Frenchman repeated Thor’s hammer 2, a very curious 9a+, which starts from the Thor’s hammer anchor, established by Magnus Midtbö. In practice, you go up a with ajumar untill the chain, then you start from there and continue.

Why is he out of his mind? Because obviously it’s just a piece of what Seb has in mind, that is a connection from the ground that will be really extreme. We will see some good ones, so… Stay tuned!

From Seb Bouin

Alessandro Palma