Another 9a+ for Anak - Up-Climbing

Another 9a+ for Anak

Anak Verhoeven has climbed Inferno, 9a/+.

Anak Verhoeven‘s trip in the heart of Europe has come to an end and has paid off. After having climbed Jungfraumarathon, famous 9a, the very strong Belgian athlete allowed herself another high level route in the same crag.

We are talking about Inferno, a 9a/+ that connects Jungfraumarathon (9a) with Gimmel Express (8c+). In fact, the pitch starts on the first route and then deviates to the right, just after passing the crux. After which obviously it is not over, the pitch always continues on the difficulty and getting in the chain is not at all obvious.

For Anak, the hardest part was figuring out the beta for smaller people, despite the hard section being shared with her old project. A little help then came from mother nature, who gave her a nice cool wind during her good attempt.

From Anak Verhoeven

Alessandro Palma