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Dripping Elegance by Leichtfried and Fiegl

Just in time before the arrival of a devastating warm Föhn, Albert Leichtfried and Gerry Fiegl have carried out the first ascent of an elegant line, which they called Dripping Elegance 110 m long, with difficulties M10 – WI5.
The obvious problem was the southern exposure of the icefall and the strong radiation from sunrise until early afternoon, all worsened by the presence of dark granite rocks.
In short, the conditions were not great for the longevity of the ice!

"But we were lucky, " – says Leichtfried – a cold front in arctic temperatures and also solar eclipses have allowed us to achieve our goal. I have noticed above  Köfels that line when I was in that area , but only thanks to determination of local young Gerry Fiegl we went into action. The bolting of the roof was done on  December 26th, and we have protected more athletic steps to climb in complete safety."
In the ice section, the heavy dripping required a total commitment (and gave its name to the icefall) On January 2, it was snowing slightly and there was less dripping: the ice conditions were no better, but  both climbers  succeeded in the redpoint of all the pitches.
On Jan. 4th – the eclipses  favorites  a little shadow more – Albert and Gerry are back on line just opened.  Hannes Mair did a wonderful job with his camera.

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