GRIVEL: BETA CAPTIVE quickdraws, TAU k12 carabiner and CLEPSYDRA K10G NEW safety carabiner

Tested by Lorenzo Garavaglia GRIVEL's references and carabiners have responded well to expectations, demonstrating a solid yet light structure.

27 July 2018
In this third episode of the tests dedicated to GRIVEL products for climbing and long routes, the Beta Captive referrals and the TAU k12 and CLEPSYDRA K10G NEW carabiners were tested on rock, long and single-track routes.


The Beta Captive referral from the very beginning has shown all its merits, not a few in truth. The small profile of the carabiner makes it easy to handle for those with small hands, but also those who - like me - have two shovels can hold it firmly in their hands without problems.

The wide ribbon allows you to "milk" without risk and keeps the carabiners firmly in place, also held by a practical transparent silicone ring on the side of the rope carabiner and thanks to the threaded lever on the return carabiner.

The coupling between small size carabiners and a carabiner with a wire finger (rope side) make the transmission very light, which is appreciated when the harness is full for the first laps on long shots or you are in the mountains with lots of other material hanging!

Precisely: cross-loading occurs when a carabiner is stressed along its minor axis. The connectors are very resistant when stressed on their major axis, ie directly in line, vertically, along their back. When a carabiner is stressed on the minor axis, its resistance is about one third. The second problem is when the carabiner, hanging on the material door, "rotates" making it so difficult to recover quickly. The third problem is when you want to attach the carabiner, for example, to the bolt and the carabiner has turned into the tape of the postponement.

Technical specifications

  • Anti CROSS-LOADING system
  • Weight: 49g - 1.7oz.
  • Tape: Wide 13 cm (104g - 3.7 oz.)

TAU k12 carabiner

Nice safety carabiner, very light and useful to have it always attached to the harness. I used it both as a normal carabiner with the function of a classic ringing carabiner coupled with devices for recovery, and as a safety carabiner during the maneuver and ropes.

The Wire-Lock system is interesting and very effective even if a little practice is needed to use it with one hand, given the need to decouple the opening movements of the safety wire and the closing lever. Given the reduced profile and the Wire-Lock system, the carabiner did not find it very convenient to use it with gloves, especially for maneuvers that require only one hand and operations not "on the belt" but "on the way".

Technical specifications

  • WIRE-LOCK system
  • Hot forged carabiner and finger.
  • Key lock system
  • Weight 55g.

Safety carabiner CLEPSYDRA K10G NEW

Strong and very robust safety carabiner with double lever safety system that is very well designed. Once you've got a bit of familiarity with the object, the release and the hooking of the rope or another instrument, like an insurer (I used it almost always in association with the MASTER MONO insurer), it is very quick and safe .

Each opening and closing operation is always carried out by keeping one of the closed levers with obvious greater security in case of distraction or inadvertent error.

I also found comfortable the narrowed profile on one side with a closing wire lever that allows you to keep the carabiner always in the correct position on the harness service ring.

Technical specifications

  • TWINGATE system.
  • Flush closure.
  • Wide and blunt surface, to favor the action of the rope.
  • Hot forged.
  • Length 117 mm
  • Width 73 mm
  • 24 mm opening
  • 22 kN vertical drive, 8 kN open lever, 9 kN transverse
  • Weight 89 gr.
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