GRIVEL: STEALTH hemlet and MASTER MONO belayer

Lorenzo Garavaglia has tested the Grivel equipment for us by providing an exhaustive description and technical comments on the STEALTH helmet and the MASTER MONO insurer

25 July 2018
The series of tests dedicated to GRIVEL products for climbing and long routes continues.

On this occasion, we will examine the characteristics of the STEALTH helmet and the MASTER MONO belayer.


STEALTH Grivel helmet

The helmet immediately amazes for its lightness. Definitely weightless but not for this does not give a sense of solidity; worn in many conditions it is also very comfortable.

Once the chin strap is connected, easily adjustable, after a few seconds you forget to have it. Captivating, comfortable and light look more than a bandana, it offers excellent protection from bumps coming from multiple angles.

It was in fact (unintentionally) "tested", alas, with a nut ripped out after a fall and arrived dry on the shell, a frontal hammering with a pike during a dry tooling output and a decomposed fall in mountainbike during the return from a long way. In all these unfortunate occasions the helmet has responded very well and has protected me from more consequences by distributing the blow, with consequences only for the envelope.

The rear adjustment system is very noticeable, making it possible to comfortably dress the helmet with the cap or bandana, perfectly adjusting the tension in the rear area which allows the chinstrap to remain relaxed, but does not exert annoying extra-pressures and unnecessary friction.

Even the ventilation is good and, combined with lightness, has made this helmet more an effective headgear than a security guard, now more and more useful and indispensable even in places once considered to be free from objective risks.

Technical specifications

  • Body: polycarbonate, co-molded on a layer of expanded injected foam.
  • Weight: 190 grams. Design: hyper-light and hyper-ventilated. A format (54/62) that can be adjusted once the helmet is worn.
  • Adjustment straps: they can be folded inside the helmet to reduce the volume and allow a compact storage in the backpack or bag.
  • Clip for front lamp.
  • Colors: yellow, titanium.



Very small and compact insurance system. Designed for use with a single rope, I always used it in combination with the CLEPSYDRA K10G safety carabiner.

The combination ensures a comfortable and fluid belaying, which I especially appreciated on long routes, where often the position is not extremely comfortable in parking, could afflict rope maneuvers, limiting fluidity and speed.

The insurer can be used as a tool for the recovery of the second party. Using it as an insurer and being insured with the Mono Master, I appreciated the V shape of the exit groove which makes it very smooth even with heavy weights (me for example !!) and the holes on the structure avoid excessive overheating of the object, during the fall.

Trechnical specifications

  • Single rope insulator that can be used as a descent tool.
  • V-groove: allows excellent control and fluidity during operations even in the most critical conditions with water and ice.
  • Cooling Technology: the holes in the structure allow excellent heat dissipation, allow the removal of mud, snow and ice and make the instrument light.
  • Hole suitable for ropes from 7.3 to 11 mm in diameter.
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