GRIVEL: Air Tech backpack and Trail Three poles

Combined test of the new backpack for day trips and trail running poles from GRIVEL

20 July 2018
Combined test of the new backpack for day trips and trail running sticks from GRIVEL

We received some samples of the new equipment from GRIVEL: helmet, rucksack, rods, referrals and much more. Here we propose the field test by Lorenzo Garavaglia of the 28 liter AIR TECH backpack and the TRAIL THREE trail running poles.


Air Tech backpack 28 L

Lightweight and versatile backpack for daily trips of rock and ice. I wore it during the summer for daily climbing and long-distance rides; the backrest is very comfortable with padded shoulder straps, but with a narrow profile that does not prevent movement during the progression even when climbing.

The conical shape tapered towards the pelvis is well studied and allows the harness to be worn without problems even with a lot of attached equipment, guaranteeing a wide mobility, even if a little at the expense of the stability of the backpack once resting on the ground. marginal. The stability of the backpack is appreciated even when fully loaded. The rucksack stays firm on the back without annoying oscillations, typical on the paths, or the approaches made of running or tired paths on the return from a long day on the wall.

Very convenient the bag structure that allows you to quickly fill the backpack without having the problem of recovering objects on the bottom thanks to a large front zipper. Less comfortable the small vertical front pockets that held a few bars, keys and front.

On the other hand, the hood adjustment straps system is very useful, which allows to quickly adjust the volume of the backpack in relation to its effective filling. Even the hood, quickly and completely removable, is provided with a large upper pocket and a lower document holder.

The closing system during the "hot" exits did not show any particular problems, apart from a little difficulty in attaching the small hooks to the prepared daisy-chain. This operation during the "cold" outings proved to be much more uncomfortable to carry out with the gloves due to the reduced size and weight of the hooks that make them certainly invisible, but just as difficult to fix.

The ventral buckle hook is less comfortable: very beautiful and attractive from the point of view of the look that recalls the Grivel logo, but not very comfortable to fasten and untie and above all a bit cumbersome and annoying wearing the harness.

Overall the rating of the backpack is positive especially for the comfort on the shoulders during use both on the path and on the wall.

Technical data

  • Tapered and ergonomic shape for great comfort and freedom of movement in climbing. Hood with an upper, hidden pocket, can be completely removed. Roll-top closure to make the backpack even more compact.
  • Retractable tape at the top
  • Sold with eight additional tapes that can be used to attach material externally to the backpack by using the four lozenges or ribbon rings on the side. Belt in tape that, if necessary (for example with harness) can be completely removed.
  • Volume 28 L.
  • Backrest length 47 cm.
  • Weight 900 gr (31.7 oz).
  • Field of use: climbing.
  • Material: Nylon.
  • Backrest: padded.
  • Closure: winding.
  • Ventral belt: 25 mm tape, removable.
  • Padded shoulder straps, ventilated fabric, adjustable for different loads.
  • Chest strap adjustable in height and with whistle.
  • Document pocket inside the bag.
  • Accessories: front and side mini-daisy chain and on top of the hood to be used, combined with the supplied straps, as a material holder; front pocket, with water-proof zip, for quick access inside the backpack, strap on the upper part of the backpack that can be used for compression or to lock the rope; inside pocket for camel bag; external side pocket.
  • Color: black and yellow.


Trail Three trail running poles

The sticks I tested are the model in three segments.

Taken in hand seem fake! They are weightless, but as soon as you loose the comfortable velcro that holds the segments together, in a moment the stick is mounted: the bayonet locking system is very fast and allows you to lock and unlock the sticks even with gloves without problems.

The extreme lightness makes the pair with a remarkable solidity and flexibility that immediately instills confidence even when running at breakneck speed in the gravely gulets with the heavy backpack I have several times "collapsed" completely on them, with the sole result of being supported very well.

On the rise lightness is appreciated especially after many hours of walking or having heavy bags on the shoulders and also the comfortable long and well profiled EVA insert allows to "cling" to the stick, making the most of its effectiveness in support and balance. The structure in 3 segments makes the stick very compact and, once folded, it is always placed inside the fullest bags or hanging from lighter backpacks.

Technical details

  • Field of use: trekking, trail running, ski touring, mountain hiking.
  • 7075 aluminum segments, equipped with a summer and winter washer.
  • Removable strap.
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