11 March 2016
Matik is the belay-descender device of CAMP with assisted braking that delivers amazing safety and control
• Gradual camming action helps reduce the impact force of a fall and decreases wear and tear on the rope
• Proprietary Anti-Panic system automatically blocks the rope if the user loses control of the descent
• Double-hinged lever and straight rope path make the descent feel very fluid and controlled
• Intuitive design eliminates the possibility of clipping a carabiner to the device if it is not completely closed
• Wide attachment hole allows the carabiner to rotate through the hole
• High-end manufacturing with hot-forged aluminum main body and precision-cast stainless steel for the critical components that come in contact with the rope
• For single dynamic ropes from 8.6 to 10.2 mm
The assisted braking action of the Matik derives from an innovative camming design that makes the device safe and easy on the climber, the belayer, the anchor and the rope. The Matik is built so the cam rotates in and comes in line alongside the rope before it captures the rope completely. This alignment allows a large contact area between the cam and the rope making the device very rope friendly and the slight amount of slippage that occurs as the cam rotates into place reduces the impact force of a fall. This means less force on the bodies of the climber and belayer, and on the anchor! When lowering, the proprietary Anti- Panic system helps prevent one of the most common accidents occurring with the use of an assisted-braking device losing control of the descent. The brake lever will automatically disengage causing the cam to automatically reengage if it is opened too quickly or if it is kept too far open where the speed of the descent can become unmanageable. This safety feature is particularly useful where there is little friction from rope drag between the belayer and the climber or during top-down descents where the Matik delivers a remarkable sense of safety and control. Users will also instantly notice that the Matik creates a very natural path for the rope that does not require looping or twisting of the rope during descent. Combined with the dynamic camming action that limits the impact of the fall, this natural rope path helps to reduce wear and tear on the rope. Other distinguishing features of the Matik include a method for inserting the rope that eliminates the possibility of clipping a carabiner to the device until it is completely closed.

NOTE: The assisted braking capability of the Matik does not relieve belayers of the need to adhere to the basic principles of belaying and rappelling. It is imperative to be attentive to the climber’s progress and always keep control of the brake line.
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