15-year-old Aleksandra Totkowa climbs Victimes del Futur, 9a - Up-Climbing

15-year-old Aleksandra Totkowa climbs Victimes del Futur, 9a

Aleksandra Totkowa, a very strong and young Bulgarian climber, has climbed Victimes del Futur at Margalef.

Still from Spain and precisely from Margalef good news of good performances come and this time it is the young Bulgarian climber Aleksandra Totkowa to close a 9a.

The 15-year-old of the national youth team has in fact climbed Victimes del Futur “a really overhanging route with small pockets which suits me. There is a little rest before the crux. I always tried a critical step with one hand but then I discovered that I was able to pass using the other. At the last day, I still don’t know which method to use. In an attempt before closing it I had used the left and I was very close to closing it but my foot slipped. I was really nervous then because I knew I still had only one chance … “

First closed by Ramon Puigblanque in 2006, Victimes was initially graded 8c/8c+, which became 9a after breaking a trick.

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