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La Falesia Dimenticata: la parete di tutti

The Dolomiti-Open amateur sports association has been activated to reopen this crag and return it to the people of the climbers and all the enthusiasts of the outdoors

Once upon a time in the late 80s when the sport climbing was born and formed, at the confines of the Valle del Sarca in a small village at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, named after San Lorenzo, Dorsino, a crag with all the aesthetic features and scalability that made it unique in its kind.

Climbers, in improbable color lycra tights, grew up in this unique rock shield coming from a lawn, crossed by a fresh water source. The attendance increased exponentially every week thanks to the publication of the site on the first Arco guide.
One day in the early 90s, the landowner’s owner, tired of the presence of these strange beings who slept in the vans and lounged on his lawn, and driven by wickedness about the goodness of the climbers, decided to close the site and squat all the crag.
From that day, the “old generations” of the climbers recall that place, defining it magically, overlooking the gorges of the river Sarca, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, sun-kissed all day, and nostalgically regret its rock.

«We want this cliff to become the “crag of all” and that’s why the contribution of everyone becomes fundamental. Everyone in his little one can help to realize this idea and return to the outdoor enthusiasts this natural climbing monument – reads the page of The Forgotten Crag: everyone’s crag, where the crowfounding campaign was launched – We have entrusted you with climbers, nature lovers, and open initiatives, because we believe that bottom-up funding is democratic, transparent, uncompromising, and sharing expression».

How will the funds be used:

  • Purchase of land from the owner, 1000 sqm, which includes the cliff and the beautiful meadow below with anchored spring.
  • The legal entity that will be responsible for the purchase of the cliff will be the association Dolomiti-Open, which once purchased the land will also undertake to plan the projecting of the roads and the accommodation of the area.
  • The recall of the first ten guides, tracing the historical routes
  • Funds collected beyond the established target will serve to fund the completion of the recall of all existing roads that were about 40 and equip them with new ones.
  • Finding further funding to reach the completion of the cliff, fitting, in addition to the old routes, new routes, also to be able to be enjoyed by disabled people, and to make accessible the area for which we have already activated but need Success of the first point, the purchase of land.

Who is behind the project:

The Dolomiti-Open Sporting Association, an association founded with the aim of communicating the mountain message for everyone and proposing the Dolomites and the mountains as a place of social connectivity.
Born out of the desire to create a container to transport and realize projects that have no profit, but initiatives that bring the social, sporting, cultural and sustainability of the high lands around us.

The Dolomiti-Open projects conceived and promoted were:

2015: Cima Tosa Open, sulla regina del Brenta a 150 anni dalla sua salita
2016: La montagna Inclusiva, le terre alte intorno a noi.
2016: Cima Brenta Open, la storia di pochi diventa conquista di moltiHow to Support Forgotten Falesia:

If you are not already registered with you can do it quickly and easily:

  1. Click on Sign In/Register at the top right and enter your name, last name, e-mail address, and a password of your choice.
  2. Go to The Forgotten Crag.
  3. Support our campaign by clicking the button contributing or directly selecting a reward between those proposals.
  4. Fill out the form by entering your credit card details: Visa, Mastercard, PostePay or American Express.
  5. Click on contribute and you will officially support the Forgotten Falesia project

In case of need you can contact Dolomiti-Open.