Joe Kinder: 41 anni e 9a+ - Up-Climbing

Joe Kinder: 41 anni e 9a+

Joe Kinder frees Kinder cake, 9a+.

Climbing is ageless and nowadyas we are used to knowing climbers that are stronger with a few years more.. Joe Kinder is one of them for sure and at age 41 is still one of the strongest American climber. 

The history behind this route in Rifle starts back in 2018, when Joe climbed Diarrhea Mouth. While he was projecting that route, Kinder saw the line and decided to bolti it; after bolting it, he didn’t know if he was happier about climbing DM or about the new extreme project. The route was really really hard and JOe started to work on the first part, adding an anchor. The “first pitch” is already 8c+ and, after a bit of time, JOe has also climbed the second pitch, that is around 8c. After that, Joe has started to work it in a single pitch, falling quite everywhere. During this season, he finally found the flow and he climbed it. In that moment he felt and incredible amotion. Kinder cakes, 9a+ was born.

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