Six women (now) beyond 9a: Bereziartu, Shiraishi, Hayes, Verhoeven, Eiter, Chanourdie. - Up-Climbing

Six women (now) beyond 9a: Bereziartu, Shiraishi, Hayes, Verhoeven, Eiter, Chanourdie.

The recent ascent by French climber Julia Chanourdie of Super Crackinette has brought to six the number of women capable, at the moment, of exceeding 9a. A very small elite that, however, especially in the last two-three years, has seen a real surge in performance. So here are these six magnificent climbers and the performance in order.

2005: Josune Bereziartu (ESP) climbs BimbaLuna to St. Loup, initially given 9a+ is then revised to 9a/+. Bereziartu was also the first woman in the world to climb a 9a when in 2002 she repeated Bain de Sang, also in St. Loup.

2015: Ashima Shiraishi (USA), at the age of 13, climbs Open Your Mind Direct in Santa Linya, initially given as 9a+, is then revised to 9a/+ and after a while she also repeats Ciudad de Dios, another 9a/9a+. Almost ten years have passed since the Bereziartu company.

2017: Margo Hayes (USA) climbs La Rambla in Siurana and without delay this time we are talking about the first female 9a+ ever. In the same year he also repeats Biographie a Ceuse.

2017: Anak Verhoeven (BEL) frees Sweet Neuf in Vercors and grades him 9a+. It is the first time that a woman has freed and graded a route of such difficulty and two years later, the Swiss Cedric Lachat confirmed the grade by scoring the first rep. Two months later he also repeated Ciudad de Dios in Santa Linya, grade 9a/9a+.

2017: Angela Eiter (AUT) amazes everyone by jumping directly from 9a to 9b when she solves La Planta de Shiva in Villanueva del Rosario, Spain. For now, she is the only woman in the world to have climbed this grade.

2019: Margo Hayes closes the triptych of the most famous 9a+ climbing also Papichulo to Oliana.

2019: after recovering from a long injury, Anak Verhoeven signs the first female ascent of Joe Mama, 9a+ in Oliana.

2020: Julia Chanourdie (FRA) signs the first female Super Crackinette in St. Leger and becomes the first French also to reach the 9a+ degree.