Super performance for Stefano Carnati! At Céüse climbs Biographie

The long time dream is real now

22 September 2018
An extraordinary Stefano Carnati resolves Biographie, 9a+ for excellence in Céüse's stellar crag.

It is not the first route of this grade for him but it is undoubtedly one of the most significant, not to say the most significant of all. Stefano Carnati has in fact climbed the magnificent Biographie in the selective Céüse crag. It was March 2016 when Stefano reached this grade at Cornalba repeating Goldrake and already that had seemed like a science fiction venture. Since then, a series of 9a ascents have enriched the palmarès of this boy who has been busy all week with his studies and who has to embed daily training and transfers as a puzzle card. Among these Action Direct in Frankenjura, the pearl of one of the great inspiration of Teto, the irreplaceable Wolfgang Gullich, Condé de Choc ad Entraugues and La Cadre Nouvelle in the same Céüse. Carnati is the second Italian to have climbed Biographie after another Stefano, Ghisolfi, that preceded him in 2015.

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