Adam Ondra, more than 40 9a FA

At Moravian Karts climbs Cizì Agent

05 December 2015

Located northeast of Brno, Moravian Karts is one of the most important climbing location is Czech Republic.
From its geological history, that makes it a particular place with a great scientific interest, in Moravin a lot of climbing pages were written, before for classic and that for sport climbing.

Here in Rudicke sector, Adam Ondra climbed a new 9a route, Cizì Agent, a microholds route on vertical wall, that represent for Adam the 43th FA of a 9a or superior route. In the video, after Xaxid Hostel at Misja Pec, Adam climbs Tanec Kuřátek, 9a, and Perlorodka, 9a+ at Moravian



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