Mina Markovic, 9a done!

And Janja Garnbret 8c flash

29 December 2015

At the end of this year, the target is gone!

- Mina Markovic resolved her first 9a in Spain thanks a great ascent on La Fabela Pa La Enmieda at Santa Linya.
December 25th, Mina did La Fabelita 8c and discovered  the “bigger sister” La Fabela that “ just few days after, I have alredy put it down.”
This is a five stars period for Slovenian champion.
After the World Cup title, she did Histerjia 8c+ and the FFA of Popolni 8c in Mišja Peč but till her arrive in Spain there were all assumption for a similar result.
Great job! The same day, Janja Garnbret did the flash ascent of Rollito Sharma extension 8c and the the doors for the first 9a also for the young disciple are absolutely open.

La Fabela Pa La Enmieda ascents

Edu Marin (FA le 01/02/2008)
Dani Andrada (01/02/2008)
Patxi Usobiaga (22/03/2008)
Adam Ondra (16/02/2010)
Mathieu Bouyoud (28/12/2011)
Tom Bolger (23/01/2012)
Yamada Wataru (29/11/2012)
Sindre Seather (11/2013)
Tino Lois (30/12/2013)
José Luis Palao (05/03/2014)
Daniel Furtes (15/03/2014)
Loïc Timmermans (15/04/2014)
Magnus Midtböe (10/01/2015)
Gonzalo Larrocha (12/02/2015)
Antoine Kauffmann (15/04/2015)
Domen Skofic (16/12/2015)
David Firnenburg (20/12/2015)
Mina Markovic (28/12/2015)

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