Quentin Chastagnier climbs his first (or maybe second) 9a

Vercors,FA of La Picole Qui Rigole

28 January 2019
Quentin Chastagnier released a new and very difficult rotue in the Vercors for which he proposes the 9a and may already be the second for him.

Vercors, France. Here Quentin Chastagnier has released La Picole Qui Rigole, a short 12-meter pitch to the Presle Crag Festival sector. Short and explosive, with three boulders of 8A, 7B + and 7C + respectively, it is a 9a for Quentin, awaiting confirmation from repeaters. This could be for him the second route of this grade cause also Ame Slave, always freed from Quentin in 2012 to which he had given the grade of 8c +, is instead according to Romain Noulette, his only repeater at the time, a 9a full.

As if to say, to posterity the arduous sentence ....

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