The King of Kings expands his Kingdom, soon also in Madrid

A new Sharma Climbing will open in a few months in the Spanish capital

07 February 2019
The new climbing gym that Chris Sharma took over for the autumn 2019 is set to open, this time in Madrid, for what seems to be one of the biggest in Europe.

Three years after the opening of the space in Barcelona, the American transplanted in Spain Chris Sharma has announced, and already presented with a site in coming soon version, his new gym in the Spanish capital Madrid. "I'm really excited to bring Sharma Climbing to Madrid" said the champion. "It will be a five-star place where people can come to climb and have fun." And since Sharma seems like one who works hard enough to carry out his projects, something suggests that it will be exactly like that. On the one hand, a series of absolute world records, a series of first ascents around the absurd world, one of the four climbers in the world able to climb a 9b+ and on the other, a wonderful wife, two fabulous children and two super-big gym Spain, destination of true pilgrimages from faithful.

The King is the King…

chris sharma
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