Jesús Muñoz does the second ascen of El Dorado, 9a at La Pedriza

Five months after the FA of Carlos Ruano

15 April 2019
Jesús Muñoz is the first climber able to repeat the atypical El Dorado at La Pedriza, a overhanging and physical 9a route.

Performance for the climber Jesús Muñoz who, in the adherence climbing spot best one, La Pedriza, made the first repetition of the 9a reference pitch in overhang, El Dorado. In November 2018, in fact, Carlos Ruano managed to free up this bouldering route by proposing the 9a grade, which has now been confirmed by the 27 year old from Salamanca. A biology graduate, Jesús actually lives thanks to climbing having opened La Ola, a gym in his hometown. Dedicating mainly to bouldering, with blocks up to 8b+, he started working El Dorado just together with Carlos but he spent little time initially and only recently focused his attention seriously on shooting. "After have done some 8c, it's my first 9a," said Chuchi, "but I feel that the grade is correct. The route starts with an 8b section, then an easier 7c section and finally a single move that alone is another 7c"


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