An uncontrollable Dave McLeod managed to solve Hunger, 9a

The Scottish Highlander closes his old project

06 November 2019
Dave McLeod repeats Hunger in Scotland, a prestigious 9a which saw only three climbs in nine years.

A stellar Dave McLeod succeeded in repeating Hunger at Anvil, Loch Goil, in Scotland, doing a 9a that had only two other previous ascents. Freed in 2010 by Malcolm Smith, in fact, he had seen the only repetition by the young and strong Will Bosi in 2018, nothing neither before nor after.

The line, about 25 meters long, follows a strong overhang at 60 degrees in a constant and exhausting line, with two 8a problems in the initial and final part, and is an old project by Dave. The first attempts to climb the line in fact date back to 2007, when the breaking of a hold in the middle made the attempts futile, until today.

The summer of 2018 spent doing attempts and a specific training this year, made the happy epilogue that is part of a personal project by McLeod that focuses on a few routes left unfinished over the years.

This sporting performance of Dave joins the others that have characterized a really happy 2019 for the strong Scottish climber among which the first climbs of Mind Riot, E10 7a in Binnein Shuas, and The Golden Road, an E9 7a stand out in addition to a beautiful series of boulders up to 8b+.


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