Adam Ondra frees Bohemian Rhapsody, new 9a+ on home crag granite

Back on the rock, the Czech champion immediately sparks

05 May 2020
In Roviště, Adam Ondra did the firts ascent of Bohemian Rhapsody, a pitch that grades 9a+.

Climbing continues with caution and interesting performances resume. After the ascents of Pirmin Bertle in Frankenjura and Jakob Schubert in Austria, it is the turn of Adam Ondra to focus attention on the crags near home and take home something worthy of note.

In Roviště, in fact, a well-known locality in the Czech Republic, Adam resolved Bohemian Rhapsody, a route which he estimates to be 9a+ and which is therefore the hardest in the area.

“I have spent the last two weeks climbing in the local gyms,” said Ondra, “and climbing around here. The situation is quite good even if you cannot travel abroad for now, so I have concentrated on areas that I haven't seen in years. Roviště is a beautiful place, near the Vltava river, which I have frequented for many years as a child.”

Consequently, the confinement does not seem to have influenced the Czech champion's form too much. Returning to climbing, he in fact struck a series of successes in the boulder (Captain Marvel 8b+, Louis Je Master 8b, Nesmrtelny Bond 8b/+, Iceberg 8c) and then devote himself with immediate satisfaction even in the rope.

Now let's wait for him to come back to travel.


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