Eva Hammelmüller climbs Undeground

The classical 8c+

17 May 2021
Eva Hammelmüller has climbed Underground, 8c+/9a in Arco.

The young climber Eva Hammelmüller has done a quick ascent of one of the most classical routes in Massone: Underground. Since a long time a lot of climber has talked about its grade, who swipes from 8c+/9a to 9a; moreover, this route is so iconical also because of the first ascent by the living legend Yuji Hirayama back in 2000. We can easily say that it is the most tried route on the grade(for sure in Arco), maybe because a lot of climbers say that it is quite "climbable". A lot of boulderers have tried the route, it style is really close to the powerful moves we can find on boulders. 

About Eva, she says she is “speechless”. For the sending she has spent less than 15 attempts, divided in 4 sessions. She also says that it is really far from her personal favourite style of climbing, but she felt in love with this strange moves and this makes she able to send her hardest route ever. Underground is on the top of a list full of 8c and 8c+.

In the last period she is climbing a lot and she is trying also another 9a, without forgetting other routes. Here the last period's ticklist:

Kantenphysik 8c/+

Ehrentotzen 8b

R.G. Plus 8b

Reine Männersache 8a+ onsight

Leukotherma 8a+

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