Bosi on the classical Northern Lights

William climbs the famous 9a

15 June 2021
Will Bosi has climbed Northern Lights, the world famous 9a.

There are routes and routes. There ae a lot of 9as and, as we can see in the last years, the level is even higher. Anyway, there are some routes that are ageless, iconic, because of their story or beauty. Northern Lights is for sure one of them, a real masterpiece in every climber’s career. Only three climbers have been able to climb the iconical route in Kilnsey. Bolted by the master Ben Moon back in the old days, it has been established by another legend, Steve McClure, back in 2000, after almost five years before the bolting. After Steve, only Megos and Ondra have been able to climb it in 20 years. Three untill Will Bosi.

Back home from a super trip in Spain, Will has put his energies in working this route. Projecting it has been quick, he has almost done it in the first session! The route is short and bouldery, a 15 meters long testpiece for the power endurance. Also Ben Moon, who was belaying Will, said that it is really hard as 9a… After almost ten routes 9a or harder in 2021, William Bosi is ready for the upcoming competitions… 

From Will Bosi's IG page



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