High level 8c+ for Annie Chouinard and Aleksandra Przybysz

From China and USA, good performances for these over 35

25 November 2019
Pure Imagination at Red River Gorge and Redpoint Dinner in China are the latest performances by Annie Chouinard and Aleksandra "Ola" Przybysz.

Noteworthy achievements are those of two climbers no longer in herbs such as Annie Chouinard and Ola Przybysz who, though still far from retirement even in advance, take home an 8c+ a that certainly makes color in the curriculum.

The small Annie in fact, brought her 155 cm to the chain of Pure Imagination, famous Red River Gorge shot once given 9a, thus reaching an almost unexpected degree at 40 years. No child prodigy in addition,Chouinard in fact started to climb only to 31 years but it seems to have taken the thing rather seriously.

Not least was Ola Przybysz who in the Mandarin Yangshou has climbed Redpoint Dinner, closing an 8c+ shot, the second for her after Spicy Noodles climbed in 2017, bolted nothing less than Chris Sharma about 10 years ago.

Przybysz has now become a local in these parts. His work in fact takes place in China which still has potential to be largely discovered and certainly plenty of virgin land that will offer for the coming years, endless shootings.

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