Adam Ondra climbs Project Hard, 9c is reality!!!

At Flatanger he makes the History

03 September 2017

The dream is true! Adam Ondra, Czech climber that overturn the world climbing rules and monopolized the extreme grades in these last ten years, resolve his long time project and in the Flatanger cave did Project Hard, the probably first 9c! Some years ago, with an enigmatic message on a social, Adam just said “I’m just really, really happy” but now, thanks a Jan Novak, at Flatanger with Adam, there are not more doubts: “first 9c party”.

A success came after a crazy number of attempts spread over time , not like a kamikaze assault but as a slow and meticulous approach process, made step by step, from its bolting realized by Adam omre or less five years ago. In July, Adam resolved the upper part, graded by strong climber like the “hardest 9b+ never done”. Under there was an 8b+ part to link with the secondo one. In the middle, Adam climbed some new 9b, a new 8c boulder and won Duel competition in Arco during Rock Master Festival but he was on stage with Stefano Ghisolfi and Margo Hayes also for Arco Rock Legends.

No details now but the route is done and it’s time to celebrate!

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