Adam Ondra climbs Honour and Glory at Canmore

Personal 9a for Czech climber

12 July 2018
In Canada Adam, Ondra has ascended Honor and Glory, route indicated as 9a + that the Czech climber values 9a.

Courses and historical recourses. Adam arrives, prints and (sometimes) downgrades. He is now the undisputed master of the degree, too much experience under his fingers to question his currencies almost always. And in spite of everything, he himself does not give himself anything. The year in which he could have said he had done the first 9a onsight of the story, before Alex Megos, said "no, for me it is 8c +". Merit honor. And of honor to speak here, or rather, we talk about Honor and Glory, shooting at the Collosseum, above Canmore where the champion champion is spending a few weeks, and that the guides indicate as 9a +. An interesting project but...

"Honour and Glory. Amazing 45m line up in Collosseum, scenic crag high above the town of Canmore was one of the reasons why I went to Canada. One of the few 9a+ (5.15a) that looked flashable and I still had not tried it. Put up by Evan Hau last year, really tremendous effort to open and clean this line into this gem. Yesterday was a special day. Evan and Miles Adamson was there to share the beta with me (thank you so much!), Petr Pavlicek and Sonnie Trotter were there to film this for Reel Rock . I felt ready. I set off and I felt awesome, just flowing up the route. Yet very soon, at 4th bolt it was all over. I did not want to waste my energy drying up my hand after touching a wet hold, as a good hold was getting closer, and this hand slipped. I lowered back to the ground immediately, rested for a few minutes and "flashed" the route on my 2nd go. As for the grade though, my opinion is that it fits more into 9a (5.14d) range."

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