Alexey Rubtsov takes an old project back to life.

The Russian champion takes the FA of Iordanit, 9a.

10 June 2020
At the end of May, Alexey has been able to take the FA of an old project, proposing the 9a grade.

We are used to see Rubtsov in a IFSC bouldering world cup final, but he seems so strong also with the harness. He took the FA of an old route, which was waiting for an ascent since five years. About it, he said: "Two months of self-isolation I spent without climbing, but in training. As a result, it was possible not only not to lose shape, but even become a little stronger. The last 8 days I spent on rocks, trying one old project. This is the center line in the Incorpi sector in Lietlahti Park . An ideal straight line, on a rock of about 10m. tall. It is called “Iordanit”. It was prepared 5 years ago by Sergey Shaferov and still has not climbed. Yesterday I managed to made first ascent. Grade 9a. "

From Alexey's ig page. 


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