Alizée Dufraisse climbs Estado Critico, 9a

After La Rambla attempts, work done in Siurana

13 April 2017

After a long work on La Rambla, French climber Alizée Dufraisse realized the first female ascent of Estado Critico, the famous 9a route in Siurana climbed onsight by Alex Megos. This is the first route of this grade for her that in 2012 did the FFA of another great route in Spain, La Reina Mora, graded 8c+/9a.

“I finally could achieve one of the nicest route I ve worked on : Estado Critico, 9A in Siurana. It is the First female ascent of this route” reports Alizée in her blog.
“Last year, I spend quite some time on it, I was very close. As I choose to take part of the World Cup circuit of Bouldering, I had to leave without ascent and I was very sad, but choices are like that, we can t have all the time everything.

This year I realize that climbing outside is my priority and this is the reason of my climbing. Competitions are nice, but this is not why I am climbing for. So sometimes, competing in some opens or others make me really happy, but invest a large part of the year, training for competition, i a time where I am not outside, so less happy…”

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