Angela Eiter does La Planta de Shiva, first female 9b!!

At Villanueva del Rosario a new grade never climbed before

22 October 2017

“One of the most memorable days of my life. I still can’t believe it”
Whit these words, Austrian champion Angela Eiter announced the climb of La Planta de Shiva, the first 9b resolved by a woman! In 2014 Angy did the first 9a of her career, Hades at Götterwandl, and at the last part of same year also Big Hammer at Pinswang. In 2015 climbed Era Vella at Margalef and was able also to do a 8a boulder flash, Middle of the Ass, and a 8b, Fragile Step.
La Planta de Shiva was opened by Adam Ondra in 2011 and climbed just by Jakob Schubert in 2016.
Angela Eiter won 3 World Cups, 4 World Championship, 1 European title and 7 Rock Master.

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