good performances for Piotr Schab, Moritz Welt and Josh Cornah

9a ascents in Margalef, Frankenjura and Flatanger

19 September 2018
Spain, Germany and Norway. Margalef, Frankenjura and Flatanger. From these three European pearls come the news of three beautiful realizations by three climbers we presented yet several times in the past.

Piotr Schab does not abandon the Iberian peninsula for the moment and, thanks now to a super preparation, he has also brought home the repetition of Gancho Perfecto, 9a. "I have dreamed this route since I had seen the film Progression. Already at the fifth attempt I was close to closing it, then I fell a few times before finally coming to terms with it”.

After climbing Der Heilige Gral in 2017, the young German Moritz Welt, 17, climbed Sever the Wicked Hand, always in the famous Teutonic location, thus bringing to two for now the score of his 9a resolved but above all with over 200 routes above the 8a+ and more than forty boulders above the 8a. Not really negligible numbers.

The New Zealander Josh Cornah instead two months of hard fights, he came to the head of Thor's Hammer in the famous Norwegian cave, one of the most repeated route of what has undoubtedly become the busiest spot of the moment and that from an initial 9a+, in July 2016 also saw the ascent of Seb Bouin that downgraded it to 9a.



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